Thursday, 7 May 2015

Brief notes for making Article Review

Article review is something good to be done by students and I think secondary school students should be iintroduced a bit on doing this 'exciting' homework. No, im not pulling your legs, but I love it so much. Haha. *Ok confuse*

Nonetheless of #joketakjadi, I want to share few simple steps to do a better article review.

1- Know yourself. Yea, it is important to know wether you are a critical or not. If you always love to critic on something, choose an analytical issue or the topic that you already know that the contents are all totally not in line or opposite with your opinion. I like this one! 

2-Be patient in reading the whole article and please hold a pen while you are reading. Take note on anything that pop-out from your mind about the article. While reading, you are not looking blankly on the sheets but try to digest every layer of the author's ideas. See how he writes, the language, does he clearly express his thought or injecting his ideology in a subtle way, does his ideas contradicting with your beliefs and stances, etc.

3-It is important also to know who is the author. Just GOOGLE if you don't have any idea on that person. Easy maa!

4-Read several times if you still blurrrrrrr. 

5-Okay. Move to the content analysis. What you should do, digest the abstract given as it is what the author  want to focus on in his writing. Then look at the definition stated- does it have any loopholes or you think it is perfect? Mention it whatever the stance you have. If the definition is opposite to what you perceived before, second it with your own justification and reference. 

6-First step in writing, introduce a bit on the author- relevant matter, no need to put how many children he or she has, favourite food...No No ok! Then you analyze his ideas one by one (if you wish to), and the last part do your analysis on the ideas given. 

7-For me, I love to do both appraisal and critical. Before you critic, appraise the author on his ideas or effort (there must be positive value also right?) then, I come out with critical part. 

8-Then tell the world your stances on that partticular issues, either you agree or not- no matter what is your decision but please attach the reasons along. 

9-Don't forget, give credit to peoples that you are using as your reference. Appreciate others:D

10-Give additional suggestion for a betterment. Critic without solution is useless. 


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